Traffic Offences, should be seriously taken care of

Driving is serious so everyone should take accountable every time they are on the road. It is your life and other driver’s lives that are in danger whenever you are driving so you have to be extra careful. If you are a reckless one there might be offences that you could commit from the law. You might not only commit traffic offences but also other criminal case that might occur. So being on the road needs extra care and a commitment to take extra precautions in driving to avoid any further accident. Being careful in driving is going to save lives.

The traffic offences in Australia are drunk and drugged driving, driving offences, pedestrian offences, and parking offences. Driving offences includes careless driving, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, dangerous driving to escape the police, driving without license, over speeding and many other offences under driving offences. Then on pedestrian offences it includes jaywalking with maximum penalty of AUD 2500. There is actually no specific offence for jaywalking but on the Road Traffic Act 1971 and Australian Road Rules there are offences that involved walking without the regard to safety and without the regard to other users. Another offence is parking offences. This is when the driver stops for some reason that is other than avoiding accident and obeying traffic light or sign or police officer. It is always the owner of the vehicle is the one responsible for any offences committed with the vehicle. There must be a statutory declaration that is setting out name and address of driver if the driver was not the owner at that moment of the offence.

traffic offence

But the most serious traffic offence is the drink and drug driving. This is when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drug at the time that he or she is driving. Driving after drinking alcohol is a serious offence especially if there is also a drug involved as well. This is because when you drive under the influence of alcohol your concentration in driving will not be at 100 percent anymore. If affects your senses and this could result to accidents. The drink and drug driving can be of two types: driving with prescribed alcohol concentration present or the drug present and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have been charged with these offences, you better seek legal advice to see if you maybe imprisoned if found guilty, if defence is available for you, what would be the cost to defend you, and if guilty how long is period of the disqualification. Contact traffic lawyers Melbourne if you are in trouble in Melbourne.

All traffic offenses are serious since they are all offences meaning you did not follow rules on the road. That is why it would be better to observe and then learn how to drive, follow rules to avoid any offence or accidents on the road. It is still better to be careful while on the road to avoid such incidents. Being a responsible driver is still the best precaution there can be.