Things to check with the taxi driver while hiring the car rental service

Taxis that are driven professionally form a large portion of vehicle population today. People prefer to hire cabs than drive their own vehicles when they commute to airports and railway stations or even for long out of station trips. This saves them from the unwanted trouble of finding a parking spot and not to forget, the fee for that. Also, when travelling through crowded roads, taxis tend to be faster owing to the experienced driver behind the wheel. Taxis are way cheaper and reliable. This means you get to your destination quick and safe especially when you hire a big car for a special event or marriage function. You must need a driver in this situation as you cannot drive while partying.

But travelling by taxis requires a few things to be verified with your taxi driver. Now here is a checklist that contains most of the things. Feel free to add stuff you want to know.

  • The level of petrol in the car

 If you happen to be travelling on a long journey, this is very important. You do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, do you?

car rental

  • A spare tire

Now this is a necessity too. Roads tend to get bumpy and you never know when something sharp might lay waiting somewhere. Let’s always be prepared.

  • The Right Documents

We live in a society where the sight of policemen scares us rather than making us feel safe. Jokes apart, having the right documents in the car is important to avoid trouble with the traffic police. If you are travelling to another state or country, this is even more important.

  • If your driver knows the route

Most agencies will send you a driver who knows the route by heart. But in exceptional cases, if you face yourself with a driver who is skilled but doesn’t know the routes get a map or use your smartphone to guide him.


  • Seatbelts

Though this is overlooked in many countries, it is always safer to wear a seatbelt while travelling. God Forbid, in case of sudden breaks or unfortunate accidents (touchwood!), these will save your lives.

  • General working condition of the car

This will include stuff like working of the break, coolant, headlights and the position of the mirrors.

Now that should cover all major things. Once you discuss this list with your taxi driver, you are all set to go. Happy travelling!