Basic Tips Every Men Should Know About Fashion

Are you like countless others and lost when it comes to deciding what goes with what? If you are, don’t worry, there are some basic tips when it comes to men’s fashion that can help you get by. First of all think about what matches. Many men make slip ups simply because they have other things on their mind than their outfit. When you go to the closet try looking at what you’re putting on and taking a moment to notice whether or not it matches. This is especially important when it comes to patterns. The best rule of thumb to keep you in the right direction with patterns is one pattern one solid. Never try to wear two patterns as they likely won’t match and if they do you might wind up looking like a picnic blanket.

Make sure to consider your shoes as well. If you’re putting on dress slacks and a nice polo you are better off skipping the tennis shoes you wear every weekend when you mow the lawn and go barefoot. These grass stained shoes don’t belong in men’s fashion, they belong only on the lawn. You are better off to wear your dress shoes. Another great rule that can help you get by here is to always dress one step higher than you started of intending to. It’s never bad to be ‘too dressed up.’ This doesn’t mean you have to wear a tie to every occasion but it does mean your stained up customized t shirts belong in the same spot as those sneakers.

cat tee

As jeans are an important part of every me’s wardrobe here are some things you should know about them taht will come in handy-

Jeans are staple wear of both men and women. They are an all year-round wardrobe item that has been around for a long time. It varies in color, length, fit and style season after season but still the same jeans that are so comfortable. Men’s jeans trends for 2012 promise to be hot, wickedly sexy and casual to the max. There are slight differences in color, style and length, but they are basically the same jeans you have in your wardrobe. Check these men’s jeans that will dominate men’s wear this year and see if anything looks familiar.

Turn up jeans
if you have jeans that you’ve not worn because they are too long and you have not had the time to cut it for a length that fits you,then root them out from your closet. You now have the perfect item for a men’s jeans trend for 2012, turn up jeans. No cutting is required for your jeans; all you need to do is turn up the hem, and voila! You now possess one of the year’s hottest men’s jeans for 2012.

Grey-blue jeans
For color, light-grey or blue-grey is the color of the year for men’s jeans trends 2012. This new jean color is perfect for casual wear and will display your assets to the fullest. The beauty of this color is it can stand several wears before it will need a wash. Some tiny spots and stains will only make your jeans look more interesting.

Pink jeans
If you want to attract attention and be considered super trendy, why not rock pink jeans. A pair of this ultra modern and fashion-forward pink jean will not detract from your masculinity but in fact will heighten it at the same announcing to the world your modern and faddist attitude towards fashion.

Distress jeans
Patched and torn jeans, also known as distressed jeans are back in fashion. It is one of the hot men’s jeans trends for 2012 and a big favorite of guys who are into extreme sports.